Dear Patients,
We are writing to you to let you know of some important and exciting developments here at White House Dental. As you know, all dental practices in the UK were instructed to close in late March by the Chief Dental Officer due to the  potential risk of Coronavirus infecting the dental team as well as everyone associated with the practice. Although we are still in the transmission phase of the virus there is thank goodness light at the end of the tunnel as now the numbers of new cases are declining. As a result we are now preparing to reopen with luck next month or at worst in July.
This depends on the advice from Public Health England and the Chief Dental Officer of England.
What are we doing right now at White House Dental
Although the dental practice is closed, we are working long hours to plan for our return. We are privileged to be part of an elite group of over 100 private, progressive, highly advanced dental practices and we have been working together to study all aspects of how best to help you and our team for many weeks. Currently, without any support or guidance from the Government, we have taken it upon ourselves to research and assimilate information about many topics related to the challenge posed by Covid-19. Our aim is to create a robust “gold standard” of precautionary procedures and protocols that will protect our patients and staff to ensure we are all as safe as possible in every situation. This goes far and above any recommendations likely to be put in place by the NHS authorities . 
These are our plans:

Before you visit us:
We will give you a courtesy call to check for any issues surrounding your general health as well of course as asking about any signs and symptoms of coughs, colds and other signs of respiratory infections. We will also ask questions on the well-being of anyone in your close family circle as well as checking you have not recently travelled from any current high risk areas in the world. Your appointments will be scheduled on the telephone, and in order to help maintain social distancing we will ask you to pre-pay for your treatment planned for that day. This will greatly help limit your waiting time at the practice and help prevent the build-up of significant numbers of people together in our waiting area. These measures are highly recommended and are based on the proven best practice safe steps taken in China, Germany, Spain and many other countries.
When you arrive:
We will greet you  and check that your temperature is normal. We will try to strictly limit the number of patients waiting and you may notice our appointment times are a little different; this is so we can stagger the arrival of our patients to help maintain social distancing as far as we reasonably can.
We will need you to use our special disinfectant hand rub and use a special anti-viral mouthwash to cleanse your mouth and throat. For those who prefer, let us know when you’ve arrived and you can wait in your car outside the practice and we will call you in as soon as your appointment is ready to start.
The steps we have to take to prepare ourselves and the treatment room:
In an unprecedented endeavour, we have taken many steps to protect the safety of our team and most importantly to us - our patients: -
1. As a Team we will arrive at the practice, and get changed into clean work clothes and change again before we leave the premises.
2. All surfaces including door handles, flushes in our washrooms, etc will be disinfected and wiped down three times in the day – before work, at lunchtime and after work. We will use a special product (HOCL) that is proven to be 80 times more effective than bleach, and yet is not toxic to people although highly effective against Coronavirus.
3. We will be using lots of extra layers of protection for you and our team. This includes expensive FFP2 masks , special aprons, hats, eye protection and visors – we are sorry, but we will sometimes look like we are in a hospital! Suppliers in the UK are overwhelmed with orders, however we will ensure we surpass the guidelines the NHS set in due course and add additional key protection (see below!).
4. New air purification and disinfection units – as you know, Covid-19 is an airborne virus and even when simply breathing and speaking ,infected people can accidentally expose others to risk. To protect you and the team we have invested in very high specification air purification units of the type commonly used in hospitals in many parts of the world. These scrub the air of ALL germs AND VIRUSES as well as ALL noxious chemicals and  keep the air clean and healthy for you and the team whilst you are in the treatment rooms and reception areas. We are making this high investment currently despite having no income at all for a number of months.However, as you and the team are our primary concern , there is no price to be put on health!
5. Patients at high risk – we are aware that some of you are deemed higher risk patients, e.g. the elderly and people with certain health problems. We will discuss any special requirements you may have with when we book your appointments . Your well-being is our number one priority. If needed we will spend more time to ensure that those most in need are not put at added risk.
6. Dental dam and other devices: We may use a sheet of material to isolate a tooth or teeth before we commence some treatments. Using a special powerful suction, we will keep you safe and comfortable as required whilst we do the work .
7. We will wipe down the chair completely between patients –to add further layers of protection for you and the team.
8. Extra staff training –by the time we are back, ALL of our staff will be expert in the latest methods of caring for our patients. We will make sure that all the work surfaces are cleaned thoroughly between patients, and allow adequate time for the air purification and disinfection system to clean the air. This takes a little more time and you may notice many changes when you next visit!
So, as you can see we are taking every conceivable reasonable step to ensure your wellness. However, rest assured that we will treat you with our customary good humour and of course kindness and respect. We love helping our patients at White House Dental and we will do everything we can to assist you.
We expect that there will be regrettably have to be a small extra fee for all the extra efforts we are taking for our patients’ and teams’ safety. Depending on the appointment type or procedure, there will be an added cost of £5-£45.This simply covers the added expense of the layers of extra protection we have to use: there is no margin of profit and this is at cost price. Although we are most reluctant to have to pass on these expenses, sadly it is unavoidable and we hope you will agree that the standard and quality of care we offer is worth the relatively small added sum. In our opinion, it is worth the assurance of knowing you are being treated over and above the basic requirements in order to offer you a clean and safe environment!
As soon as we know our reopening date ,we will start calling patients who had scheduled treatments planned in April, May and June, which we may have cancelled. We know that we will be extremely busy .However, if you have particularly urgent needs please do let us know and we will make every effort to help. As a team we have decided to offer some extended opening hours if needed and of course we will prioritise urgent treatments. In the event that you have an emergency, or we may have inadvertently forgotten about you, please call us on 0208 950 9560 and we will be sure to help you.
In the meantime, we may be contacted on the emergency mobile 07960 657608. These are unusual and tough times for all of us;thank you for your patience!
New Patients are welcome – even now
Whilst we are home bound due to the lockdown, if you have a friend or family member who needs dental care or advice, then we would recommend two things at present: 
1. They should have a detailed look at our informative website
2. They can call our emergency phone for advice prior to us welcoming them to our practice when normal service resumes.
We assure you of our best attention at all times. Please keep safe.
Kind Regards,
From the White House Dental Team

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